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Prereserve Period
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Treaty Commissioner McRae visited the Lesser Slave Lake area in the summer of 1900 and laid out temporary Indian Reserve Boundaries for the Driftpile Band and other surrounding communities.

The first survey of the Driftpile Indian Reserve No. 150 took place in 1901. The survey identified a landmass of approximately 13,504 acres for the Chief Kinosayoo, Councilor Wechewasis, and their immediate followers, at the southwest end of Lesser Slave Lake and along the Driftpile River. An additional 2,460 acres were later surveyed and allocated in 1912 for those members who were missed on the original Annuity Pay list in 1901 for a total of 15,964 acres.

By Order in Council dated January 8, 1904, 21.10 square miles comprising ‘Driftpile River reserve No. 150’ were ‘confirmed’ and subjected to ‘the jurisdiction of the Department of Indian Affairs’.