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Reserve Period
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The Driftpile First Nation has one (1) Chief and nine (9) Councilors who serve a two (2) year term.


The Driftpile First Nation is located in the north-west central part of Alberta, and approximately 74 kilometers west of the town of Slave Lake, and 50 kilometers east of High Prairie along primary Highway #2. This community is located about the middle of and on the south shore of the Lesser Slave Lake.


Access to the Driftpile First Nation is via a primary Highway #2 and a railway (Rail links). This community is also accessible by water (which is no longer used for transportation purposes) from the Lesser Slave Lake and Driftpile River.


As of December 2002, Driftpile has approximately 2012 members affiliated with the Reserve. Approximately 35 % (705) reside on Reserve and 65 % (1,307) reside off Reserve.


The community of Driftpile continues to develop in a dynamic fashion. Many projects continue to develop this vibrant community, bring benefits to its members. As part of the Regional Council and the ‘take over’, the Driftpile First Nation provides various program administration and service delivery functions.