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Driftpile First Nation Administration
Rodney Chalifoux
Phone: 780-355-3868
Fax: 780-355-3650

Driftpile First Nation Finance Department
Finance Director:
Driftpile First Nation Social Development
Director of Social Development: Connie Giroux Snelling
Phone: 780-355-3866
Fax: 780-355-3808

Driftpile Community Health Services
Maggie Willier Wellness Centre

Director of Health Services: Florence Willier
Phone: 780-355-3931
Fax: 780-355-2055

Driftpile Community School
Principal: Daisy McGee
Phone: 780-355-3615
Fax: 780-355-2135

Driftpile First Nation Medical Transportation
Phone: 780-355-2728
No Charge dial: 1-877-355-2728
Fax: 780-355-2053

Driftpile Waste Transfer Site
Phone: 780-355-2891

Driftpile Awasis Childcare Centre
Phone: 780-355-2899